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For Trees Company Ltd.

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For Trees Company limited is so much more than just another tree-cutting service! We have been involved with Tree Canada, a national non-profit dedicated to creating better places to live, for over fifteen years. Since then, we have overseen and helped Tree Canada plant more than 1.3 million trees in Alberta! Our arborist service business also helps support our tree farm and nursery which was started specifically with the idea of supplying native and hardy trees and shrubs that are just not readily available to communities. In our 23 years of business we have helped a very diverse mix of clients plant beautiful, sustainable and functional landscapes. We supply routine and emergency expert arborist services, sometimes under challenging weather and storm conditions. Our dedicated and professional team of Certified Arborists and Red Seal Journeyman Landscape Horticulturists we have built up over the years can handle safely any tree challenge that the weather or circumstances may present.”
- Gerard Fournier, For Trees Company Ltd.
We offer: arborist services, tree pruning, removal of trees in tight areas, stump removal
-consulting arborist, inventories, hazard assessment, tree valuations for insurance claims, etc.
-tree and shrub sales from our tree nursery located on the SE outskirts of Town
-Tree planting
-pest control (trees)

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