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Dreamwood Homes Ltd

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Mailing Address:


Box 596

1001 20 Ave, Didsbury, AB T0M 0W0, Canada

Email Address:

Phone Number:

403-335-4321 x103

Dreamwood offers a methodical approach to building your custom home, which is explained to you by our sales representative. An experienced Dreamwood superintendent who oversees and co-ordinates the entire process of constructing your new home will be working with you from start to finish. As homeowner, you are consulted from time to time in the process and periodic walk-through inspections provide on-site evaluations for the superintendent and homeowner.

For those searching for the perfect plan, Dreamwood offers the services of providing you with a wealth of current professional home plans. One of the architects we work with, Spectrum Designs, has an inventory of 1500 home plans.

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