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Didsbury Computers

Store Hours
Monday - Thursday 9:00 - 5:00
Friday 9:00 - 12:00

Mailing Address:


P.O. Box 2109

1610 20 St, Didsbury, AB T0M 0W0, Canada

Email Address:

Phone Number:


Didsbury Computers is located at 1610 - 20 Street, just south of Esso on Main Street.

We've been helping with the techology needs in the Didsbury area since 2001 and we continue to grow and adapt to the quickly evolving world of computer technology.

Our priorities include:

top-quality professionalism in everything we do.
a fair and honest price for the work we actually do
preserving your documents, pictures and other data
respecting your privacy, as well as the laws and basic ethics upon which our country is based
We know how important your computer is to you and we know the difficulties faced when your data is compromised. We will do everything we can to protect your data and get your computer back to you as soon as possible.

Oh, and a secret hint -- we're powered by Tim Hortons and take our coffee black!

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