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Damit Amit Ltd

Mailing Address:


2103 20 St Didsbury, AB T0M 0W0

Email Address:

Phone Number:

(403) 993-2648

Whether we are serving on the food truck or making Grab & Go meals for you to cook at home, making food that makes people say Damit Amit That’s Tasty is what it is all about! The store is a partnership between Your Local Ranch and Damit Amit, with Your Local Ranch providing farm to table products and Damit Amit providing meals to go and customer service.

The Damit Amit Grab & Go meals are inspired by home and food truck favorites, are easy to prepare and feature local ingredients from the store. When you walk into the store, you are warmly welcomed and they take the time to share the story behind the products. They also want to learn about you, not only to ensure you go home with products that will make you say -"That's Tasty" but also to develop a relationship and learn a bit about you personally. It is easy to tell they value their customers and they want to see you satisfied and back again. If they don't have what you are looking for they will try to find a way to make it happen. It just feels like a small town old fashioned grocers, where they know your name and take great pride in their products .

We value honesty, integrity, customer service and team work and these values are reflected in the workplace. We all spend majority of our time at our place of work and therefore we believe our workplace must be a place people like to come each day and feel valued and respected. This goes for customers and employees.

As a small group it is like family. We work hard and we play hard. We collaborate and work together in all aspects. It has to be fun and people have to enjoy what what they do. We value open communication, listen to each other's ideas including those of our employees, and always lend each other a helping hand when it is needed. Our workplace is often one filled with chatter and laughter and I think our customers feel this too. With our strong emphasis on customer service, we want our customers to feel the same warm feeling we do going to work and we also want to make sure they leave satisfied. Our culture also is based in providing top notch customer service, going above and beyond and getting to know our customers beyond what they buy at our store.

We also believe in supporting local. This means developing relationships with fellow business owners. There are lots of ways we in the community can support each other and I think our passion for this also is something our customers recognize and value.

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