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A Journey through Didsbury - virtual   (click to see video)

Each week of the summer a train will travel through the sights(past and present) of Didsbury showcasing 10 - 12 of the Didsbury Chamber of Commerce members. 


Members are assigned a Rail Car on our train.  Click on their car and you will be taken to their website/FB page.

Tracks will be released on the scheduled week, so check back often!  Each track also takes you through some of the History of Didsbury. Accept this as an invitation to come and explore virtually! Then come in person and enjoy the sights, sounds and businesses of Didsbury!

Video Links

                     Week 1                                                           Week 5

                     Week 2                                                           Week 6

                     Week 3                                                           Week 7

                     Week 4                                                           Week 8

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